Nurtured by Love

My notes on the book “Nurtured by Love” by author Shinichi Suzuki.

Man is born without talent. People are what they are as a result of their own specific environments.

1) We must study how to develop talent through education.

2) We must realize that talent, not only in music but in other fields as well, is not inherited.

It is important to guide our children all through early life. We must give much thought as to how children should be reared and trained, ho the development of their minds, sense, wisdom and conduct should be guided. It is a superior environment that has the greatest effect in creating superior abilities.

Generally speaking, we need only to look at the parents to guess what the children will be like.

Talent is not inborn, every child acquires ability through experience and repetition. For the sake of our children, let us educate them from the cradle to have a noble mind, a high sense of values, and splendid ability.

Earn love and respect of the musical world you need:
1) High Musical Sense
2) Superior musical performance
3) A fine Character
A true artist s a person with beautiful and fine feelings, thoughts, and actions.

A child played the violin. Whether or not he liked it or disliked it is not the question. Precisely as all Japanese children learn the Japanese language and learn it by heart, to like or dislike it had no bearing at all. The child was brought up listening to music everyday. It was no strain for him to practice really well. Good practicing is bound to produce fine results. More and more young students came to our house for lessons, and it was very lively. I took the greatest pleasure and delight in giving lesson to children, and all became my friends.

Ability Grows as it is Trained…

Mentors of high regard:
One has to educate oneself from within to benefit from the greatness of others. Only if one can do this can one fully realize the joy of being near someone who is great. Never lose your humility, for pride obscures the power to perceive truth and greatness.

Talent is not inborn, it has to be created.

Ease comes with training. We simply have to train and educate our ability, do the thing over and over again until it feels natural, simple, and easy. that is the secret.

My dreams are for the future of mankind. And I will keep on trying to fulfill them, plodding along patiently, earnestly, and with singleness of purpose. Almost anything is possible to achieve in this way.

Suzuki’s father taught him to never lend money or borrow money, it is better to share it. He also taught him an attitude of sociability and eagerness to learn from others. One should delight in every contact made by others, for the people we meet have been placed there by destiny. Therefore greet them. It may lead to a conversation so learn to be a good listener. The other person lives a quite different life than yours and knows something you dont and you are bound to learn something. Rather than talking yourself, learn to draw the other person out and above all listen. You will both enjoy it. Greetings, are an important part of life, you should greet each person you come in contact with face to face in regard to pleasant human relations, humanity, love, harmony, improvement of one’s fate, the grasping of opportunity…

In order to succeed one must first be a person of fine character.

Education rather than instruction

Schools instruct and train as hard as they can, without good results. There must be something wrong in their method. With the emphasis put only on informing and instructing, the actual growing life of the child is ignored. The word education implies two concepts: to educate, which means to “bring out, develop from latent or potential existence as well as to instruct. But the emphasis in schools is only on the instruction aspect and the real meaning of education is totally forgotten.

Even primary school beginners are merely instructed, or informed of certain things and then assailed by the test after test to see how much they remember. Grading can not be done by tests. Tests can only determine how much the children have understood. Should not the examination paper be used only a means of finding out which questions the child does not understand and which problems the child can not do? Actually these results would show the teachers ability rather than the childs.

The nine years of compulsory education ought to instill at least one superior skill in each child. It needn’t be a school subject. For instance, it it weere daily inculcated in a child to be kind to people in daily life, whether in school, in friendships, or at home, what a happy society that would create! There are many intellectuals in this world who are aware of that but who are, in fact, unhappy egoists.

Instead of just instruction but a real world-education that inculates, brings out, develops the human potential, based on the growing life of the child. My prayer is that all children on this globe become fine human beings, happy people of superior ability, and I am devoting all my energies to making this come about, for I am convinced ta=hat all children are born with this potential.

To merely want something is not good enough. One must be able to put things into practice. Even small tasks should bot be neglected but completed right away. This is very important. People who get a lot done manage it because they have the ability to get each necessary thing done right there and then. If you put a task off until sometime late, it may never get done because “some other time” has it’s own tasks. Time doesn’t wait. The habit of action is one of the most important thing we must acquire. Life’s success or failure actually depend on this. We should get so that is is second nature to put our thoughts into action. The more you do it, the more habit it will become.

How to develop new skills

Action cannot be separated from thought. People with fine judgment are people of ability. Reflective thought is part of judgement. Naturally, the finer the person, the greater his ability to think constructively. Develop a new skills to take place of the wrongly acquired one. One does not correct but develops a new skill. Thought, must immediately be followed by correct action, in order to acquire a new habit better than the habit that already existed. Progress cannot be made without the acquiring of new skills.Unless accompanied by action, no amount of thought or self examination will do any good. It is essential to acquire the habit of action, of putting things into practice. Any skill can be acquired by constant repetition. anything you think of doing, however insignificant, should be done immediately. If this becomes an ingrained habit, things you thought were impossible will become possible and closed doors will open, as you discover in many ways.

Memory Training is vital to talent education

Memory is essential, depending on training, your ability yo memorize gets better and better and the times it takes to memorize gets shorter and shorter. You get so that you memorize immediately. And after you have learned something, you do not forget it. Memory skill can be acquired by anybody.

Thank you Shinichi Suzuki, for all that you are and what you dedicated your life too.


To Read or Not to Read…

A friend asked this question on a group post,”Any recommendations for good books at the 4th/5th grade level (additional ones, not in MBtP sets). My daughter loves the Magic Treehouse & Magic School Bus series, but they are now very easy for her.”

I replied,”I am really picky on books E should read, we basically stick with non-fiction, love biographies, child encyclopedia sets, children’s bible. I try to fill E’s mind with truth more than anything else. A good history book like E.H. Gombrich can’t be beat ūüôā Perhaps even transition to Chronicles of Narnia but I haven’t decided yet.”

Reading with children is always an enjoyable activity for our family but are all books equal? I am personally displeased with the multitude of water downed versions of children’s stories at the library. Most authors have pretty illustrations while their books lack information, unlike great authors like Anna Milbourne, Eric Carle, Patricia Hubble, and others that managed to combine both.

Yes, my son loves to read comic books on every super heroe but I make effort to include lots of other “living books” as Charlotte Mason calls them.

Happy Reading!


My Curriculum(s)

I have been using a combination of different homeschooling resources with Ethan. We love¬†a few things among each method: Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Doman, etc. Books I often refer back to & use are “The Well Trained Mind” by S. Bauer, “What Your 1st Grader Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch, Montessori books & more. Curriculum’s I enjoy include a combination of Prufrock Press Multi-age units, Moving Beyond the Page & Critical Thinking Co.

Ethan makes tons of things with "HouseHold Items" by K. Ross

Core Curriculum:

– Tweedlewink (this covers Art, Science, Cultures, Perfect pitch, Vocab., Word building & more!)

– Building Thinking Skills 1st Grade, Mazes/Logic

– Supplement w/ BrainQuest WK BK 2nd Grade, Making the Grade, etc.

– Lot’s of reading from various books & review phonic rules from Fleschcards (Daddude) &amp

Math: Mathematical Reasoning, Singapore Math, Jones Genius Math & homemade hands on math games

Writing: Printed worksheets, D’Nealian &¬†montessori inspired writing. Future use?: Copywork: Lessons in Manners for Copywork, Math Facts for Copywork, Pictures in Cursive Primer by Queen H.S.S.

Language Arts: “First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind” by Jessie Wise, Primary Language Lessons,¬†and “Language Smarts Level B”, Spelling use in future “Spelling Power”.

History: A combination of “The Story¬†of the World” by Susan Bauer, “Little History for Child” EH Gombrich, “Draw and Write through History”¬† and maybe? “A Living History of our World” by Queen Homeschool Supplies.

Music:  Music classes, Live/taped clips of performances, Themes to Remember by Majorie Persons,  Music Ace Deluxe (not started yet), Soft Mozart piano lessons

Art: “Drawing with Children” by M. Brookes, “Discovering Great Artists” by M. Kohl,¬†maybe “ARTistic Pursuits”, “The Usborne Art Treasury”,¬†Future use: God and “The History of Art¬†Package” from MyFathersWorld.

Geography: “Expedition Earth” by confessionsofahomeschooler.com, various books, nature walks, youtube, online websites.

Science: “Developing Critical Thinking through Science”,¬†MBTP, Exploring Creation series, maybe “A Reason For Science”, and too many books to list because we LOVE SCIENCE.

Current Curriculum 2013

Current Curriculum 2013

**Natural learning happens throughout the day. We schedule “academics” 1 hour per day now and want to work up to 2 hours p/day. My motto is make it short, effective and simple!

Let us keep in mind the ultimate goal beyond “education” subjects. I would like¬†to provide him with a lifetime of opportunities to thrive. Most importantly to be kind, to freely love others without expecting anything in return, to contribute to society & humanity, to leave our world better than it was before he arrived in it. That is my ultimate goal.

Your morals, values and character are more important than “academics”.

– What sort of individuals are we raising?

– What are we raising them for?

– What is the purpose of education?

These are the questions we must address.


Awesome Parenting Books

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These are my top five parenting books for ages 0-5 that I’ve found the most resourceful.

“How to give your baby encyclopedic knowledge” by Glenn Doman

“The Vaccine Book” by Robert Sears

“1-2-3 Magic” by Thomas Phelan

“How to raise an amazing child the montessori way” by Tim Seldon or “Teach me to do it myself” by Maja Pitamic

“The complete resource book for preschoolers” by Pam Schiller or “Gymboree play & learn”

Feel free to post below some of your favorite parenting books!


Our Human body is Perfect

The body is perfect in its natural state. It can resist foreign invaders with ease if given the internal terrain to heal, meaning proper nutrition, clean water and sunlight. It doesn’t really need anything else, besides maybe some love. So love your body naturally, because no vaccine injection into your body is a safe one.



Sharing Futuristic Education

Here is an excerpt from an article written by MMM. This whole “free learning online” thing has been going strong for years:

Coursera: actual courses from various universities, made available mostly free

Khan Academy: a smart and personable guy just started making some YouTube tutorial videos to teach his family and friends, and it took off, eventually getting the attention and backing of Bill Gates. Nowadays they’ve got a video library with over 3900 videos in various topics and over 225 million lessons delivered.

Harvard Open Learning Initiative: Harvard courses, made available for free – with options to pay a discounted fee to receive actual course credits.

creativeLIVE: A selection of neat-sounding courses in the Artsy arena (photography, business, design, photoshop, video&film). To complete the circle of this new online world, you’ll find Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi on there as instructors, teaching their stuff even as they continue to run their own businesses based on the idea of learning stuff online.

It’s an interesting world out there these days: knowledge is virtually free, and there has never been a better time to ditch your TV and Playstation completely – and dig in to some more enriching entertainment!