Kids Orchestra Movie

I wanted to share this short movie I created to teach Ethan about musical instruments and the orchestra. Hope you and your little ones enjoy it!

Here are some more great links on Music Ed.: http://youtu.be/RxFNHeXKmrY http://youtu.be/7OjqeyOvC1c http://youtu.be/2EvgkO_bwQA http://youtu.be/nrmCbsM6eyk


Bombarded with questions from your child in the back seat?

Since Ethan was about 1 ½ yr.’s old, I was overwhelmed with so many questions by an impatient toddler who needed his answer NOW! Although, I tried my best to accommodate, it was becoming difficult to focus on the road, learning new streets & ways to drive in new places we moved. We have moved 4 times in the last 3 years from FL to MI to HI.

I found temporary success with various types music in the background but still the questions came rolling along. I’m not the type of driver that can focus on two things at once since I can easily get lost driving. Up until recently I discovered books on CD and it is a life saver. Thus far we have listened to all of Dr. Suess stories, Bearstien Bears, Curious George. He listens intently to each story and the only time you can hear him is when the CD has ended.

We discuss the stories we heard when we get to our destination and walk to and from. If you have not tried Books on Tape/CD, there are plenty to borrow from the library. We will look for other titles that include Magic Tree House, children’s classic literature, christian, history, etc. Try it and maybe you both can find peace in the car!


My Favorite Music CD

I have listened to and screened more than 50 child related music CD’s and my favorite is Simple Science CD from Peter Weatherwall. I absolutely love it. There’s nothing like it in the market and I couldn’t believe I only paid $20 and got 1. Simple Science DVD; 2. Simple Science CD; 3. More Simple Science DVD; 4. More Simple Science CD; 5. Simplest Science DVD; 6. Simplest Science CD; 7. Musical Math DVD; 8. Fantastikos Mathematikos DVD; 8; Fantastikos Mathematikos CD; 9. Monster in the Bathtub CD 

I accidentally came across his youtube video and was hooked. It’s simple, fun, and educational…just what learning should be.

You can check out the package I bought here:   http://www.kidsinglish.com/newspeak/science-and-math-multibuy-offer.htm

This is his youtube site:  http://www.youtube.com/peterweatherall

I also love

Sacred & Classical- Children’s Collection http://amzn.com/B000CA9UHC

While visiting Bahai House of Worship, they had a visitors center where I came across this CD for $15.00. I’m so pleased with the purchase and wanted to review it. It contains affirmations/hyms from different parts of the world, so not every song is in English. Each song has a different child reading it as classical music is played in the background. Each song is approximatly 1-2 minutes in length and love the idea that my son can enjoy listening to such positive and lovely music while learning affirmations. You can preview the songs on Amazon’s MP3 version of this cd.