Flying over America

Ethan really enjoyed watching this video on my lap with headphones on. I told him that it was him flying in the Wright Brothers airplane and people are greeting him as he passes over!


Brillkids Little Reader Review

So after having Brillkids Little Reader Home Basic for over a year now, I can confidently say that is has improved and continues to improve. A few years ago this product cost $100 and included a little bit of Math and Music. Unfortunately, you now have to buy each subject separately and I paid $200 for Little Reader alone. I was never really interested in Little Math because I don’t really like Doman’s method of flashing dots to teach math. As far as music is concerned, I purchased Soft way to Mozart instead.

Little Reader comes in two semester’s and you can choose how many times to view each session and tailor it to your child. For instance, my 3 yr old son is very advanced and get’s bored if repeated lessons are shown excessively. I find that showing him one day’s lesson every couple of days is sufficient. I never show him both sessions as the second only repeats the first. I like that you can add media files to your own Brillkids Little Reader by downloading them straight onto your Playlists. There are features still that I have never used such as their Progress Diary.

Pro: Once you have purchased it once, you can download it to two computers and continue to download it’s upgraded version for free. The Multisensory and Storytime categories are my son’s favorite.

Cons: BUGS! Even after I download the updated versions, there are still bugs where files cannot be played, seen, or heard. Also, Brillkids Little Reader should contain more content.

Overall: Great purchase to use for a couple years and especially if you have multiple kids.


Child Friendly Movies

While unpacking our things, I came across our collection of child friendly DVD’s and decided to take a photo of them. You can see all these titles better by clicking on the photo for enlargement. Now this collection does not include hundreds of educational dvd’s such as Science for Kids/Children/Teens series, Bill Nye, Discovery, History, etc. This pile also does not include hundreds of other movies from Elmo’s World, Barney, etc. Out of all these movies shown in this picture, Ethan has watched about two of them only. I’ve seriously restricted showing him most movies until he is older. How does a three-year old separate reality from fiction? He sure has a difficult time, so instead of filling his memory with nonsense, I try to enlighten it with quality educational programs such as Tweedlewink.