To Read or Not to Read…

A friend asked this question on a group post,”Any recommendations for good books at the 4th/5th grade level (additional ones, not in MBtP sets). My daughter loves the Magic Treehouse & Magic School Bus series, but they are now very easy for her.”

I replied,”I am really picky on books E should read, we basically stick with non-fiction, love biographies, child encyclopedia sets, children’s bible. I try to fill E’s mind with truth more than anything else. A good history book like E.H. Gombrich can’t be beat 🙂 Perhaps even transition to Chronicles of Narnia but I haven’t decided yet.”

Reading with children is always an enjoyable activity for our family but are all books equal? I am personally displeased with the multitude of water downed versions of children’s stories at the library. Most authors have pretty illustrations while their books lack information, unlike great authors like Anna Milbourne, Eric Carle, Patricia Hubble, and others that managed to combine both.

Yes, my son loves to read comic books on every super heroe but I make effort to include lots of other “living books” as Charlotte Mason calls them.

Happy Reading!


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