My Curriculum(s)

I have been using a combination of different homeschooling resources with Ethan. We love a few things among each method: Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Doman, etc. Books I often refer back to & use are “The Well Trained Mind” by S. Bauer, “What Your 1st Grader Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch, Montessori books & more. Curriculum’s I enjoy include a combination of Prufrock Press Multi-age units, Moving Beyond the Page & Critical Thinking Co.

Ethan makes tons of things with "HouseHold Items" by K. Ross

Core Curriculum:

– Tweedlewink (this covers Art, Science, Cultures, Perfect pitch, Vocab., Word building & more!)

– Building Thinking Skills 1st Grade, Mazes/Logic

– Supplement w/ BrainQuest WK BK 2nd Grade, Making the Grade, etc.

– Lot’s of reading from various books & review phonic rules from Fleschcards (Daddude) &amp

Math: Mathematical Reasoning, Singapore Math, Jones Genius Math & homemade hands on math games

Writing: Printed worksheets, D’Nealian & montessori inspired writing. Future use?: Copywork: Lessons in Manners for Copywork, Math Facts for Copywork, Pictures in Cursive Primer by Queen H.S.S.

Language Arts: “First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind” by Jessie Wise, Primary Language Lessons, and “Language Smarts Level B”, Spelling use in future “Spelling Power”.

History: A combination of “The Story of the World” by Susan Bauer, “Little History for Child” EH Gombrich, “Draw and Write through History”  and maybe? “A Living History of our World” by Queen Homeschool Supplies.

Music:  Music classes, Live/taped clips of performances, Themes to Remember by Majorie Persons,  Music Ace Deluxe (not started yet), Soft Mozart piano lessons

Art: “Drawing with Children” by M. Brookes, “Discovering Great Artists” by M. Kohl, maybe “ARTistic Pursuits”, “The Usborne Art Treasury”, Future use: God and “The History of Art Package” from MyFathersWorld.

Geography: “Expedition Earth” by, various books, nature walks, youtube, online websites.

Science: “Developing Critical Thinking through Science”, MBTP, Exploring Creation series, maybe “A Reason For Science”, and too many books to list because we LOVE SCIENCE.

Current Curriculum 2013

Current Curriculum 2013

**Natural learning happens throughout the day. We schedule “academics” 1 hour per day now and want to work up to 2 hours p/day. My motto is make it short, effective and simple!

Let us keep in mind the ultimate goal beyond “education” subjects. I would like to provide him with a lifetime of opportunities to thrive. Most importantly to be kind, to freely love others without expecting anything in return, to contribute to society & humanity, to leave our world better than it was before he arrived in it. That is my ultimate goal.

Your morals, values and character are more important than “academics”.

– What sort of individuals are we raising?

– What are we raising them for?

– What is the purpose of education?

These are the questions we must address.


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