I obtained this information while researching Montessori schools and I wanted to keep this section to reference back: The young child’s mind is like a sponge. It literally absorbs information from the environment. The young child retains this ability to learn by absorbing until he is almost seven years old. Young children can learn to read, write and calculate in the same natural way that they learn to walk and talk.

The hand is the chief teacher of the young child. He or she learns by doing. In order to learn there must be concentration, and the best way for a child to learn to concentrate is by doing something with his hands. That is why you will see so many hands-on activities in our classrooms.

Children also learn by imitating the adults closest to them. Just watch them playing house or school.

Why the Early Years Are So Important

From conception to age 4, the individual develops 50% of his mature intelligence; from ages to to 8 he develops another 30%…..This would suggest the very rapid growth of intelligence in the early years and the possible great influence of the early environment on this development. Since eighty percent of the child’s development takes place before he is eight years old, we cannot over emphasize the need for an environment that is loving and stimulating with consistency and order.


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