Future of our Homeschooling

If you had a glimpse of the future of humanity…would you alter your teaching? As homeschoolers, we are molding our children, directly altering the information and education they receive. Personally, I have decided to emphasize more on character growth, humanitarianism, critical thinking and problem solving. Project based learning where he can collaborate ideas, create and solve. I need to prepare him for the 21st century the information era and no longer the industrialized era we were originally taught by. Does this video make you re-categorize subjects of importance, perhaps focus more on others?

Something of importance to point out during our children’s generation altered forever by AI. Although this video is great inspiration of what is yet to come…the concern for humanity rises as technology increases and replaces the majority of the workforce…there will be billions unemployed. Why hire a human when a computer can do the job inexpensively, accurately and instantly? A computer never gets sick, does not need health insurance, medicare, pension or social security.

Do we continue teaching down the rabbit hole of “jobs outmoded” or teach to inspire all our children (Ethan) to think creatively… not WHAT to think but HOW to think. When he finishes highschool our economy will drastically look different…rising unemployment as technology replaces workers, just as the automobile replaced horses. I want to prepare Ethan not to graduate looking for a “job” but to graduate creating jobs.

“A new and spiritually invigorating cosmic perspective is required for humanity to fully understand the purpose of the extreme polarization in today’s modern world, and to eventually unify it. In this regard old patterns of thinking, which keep us trapped in fear and addicted to beliefs that only limit and confine the human spirit, need to be broken down to clear the way for a new order of the mind; one based on a global revival of personal responsibility, accountability, and empowerment.”


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