2011 and 2012 Home-school Run down

Sheila at http://www.livingbookscurriculum.com/blog/ blog had posted:

Okay, here’ s the challenge.

Ask yourself these two questions–what worked and what didn’t work (in your homeschool)in 2011–then figure out what you want to do different in 2012.

What worked in your homeschool 2011:

Using advance math on my 3 year old son is showing remarkable results. Who says you can’t teach a preschooler advance Math has never tried to do it in the first place. Also completing one maze a day has really formed his brain to think logically and solve 95% of mazes geared towards age range of 4-6 in less than 20 seconds.
What didn’t work in your homeschool 2011:

Finding the time to do Fleschcard Phonics, Tweedlewink and Your Child Can Read dvd’s. Ethan dreads watching any of these, so I don’t want to force either one to be viewed.

Then figure out what you want to do different in 2012:

I want to start using Soft Way to Mozart (piano software) with Ethan this year and doing more science experiments. The Teachers manual for “Peak With Books” is fantastic and look forward to incorporating Children’s classic story books into different subjects such as Math and Science.


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