Little Reader Chinese Curriculum Review

The wonderful Brillkids Co. has graciously sent me Little Reader Chinese Curriculum to review. After doing some research online of the difference between simplified and traditional Chinese, it seemed that more modern adaption is commonly used. So I chose the Simplified version. We have been using Little Reader Chinese with my three year old son Ethan who is advanced for his age and get’s bored easily. There are two semesters which can be spread out for an entire year’s lesson.

Let me say, it is quite different. My family has absolutely no exposure to Chinese in the past but I knew that the Chinese language had characters instead of letters and words like most other languages. The first few lessons, it was quite different and took a few lessons to “wrap our brains” around it.  I did purchase and use the regular Little Reader Version, and use it with the same schedule. We use it every couple days and mostly skip everything and go directly for the multimedia content. The multimedia section combines flashing the word (character), while someone describes what’s happening in the photo and/or short video in the background. We chose to skip the other sections of the daily lessons because the multi-media combines all three, making it the most effective. Short bursts of knowledge, like Glenn Doman suggests, is much more effective than longer ones. But that’s just my opinion aswell, you can certainly use all three sections daily. We have not yet completed the entire first semester, but so far it is going well for my son.

If your debating whether this program is worth $119 price tag, I would say yes. Over one billion people, speak some variety of Chinese as their native language. It will benefit Ethan in the future to have this exposure to the Chinese language at his early age of three. We also enjoy looking at some free Chinese lessons on youtube. There are other products that you can supplement with like Professor Toto Chinese and Wink to Learn Chinese. For more information or to see sample videos on the Brillkids website


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