New Organizer

I depend more on my organizer than my phone! It is used daily and contains every event and note I need to live out daily activities. My current organizer’s life has come to an end and needed to replace one. After searching a few weeks and waiting 3 more weeks for it to arrive, it is finally here and I’m not completely happy ūüė¶

First impression is that it is bigger/heavier than expected so I will always have to carry a larger purse to accomidate its size & weight. I love the layout of this organizer and the christian quotes. It has everything but a homeschooling section on it that I would need.

WHY is this organizer through the months Aug-Dec2012?? What are u suppose to do from Jan.-Aug of 2013 until the next edition comes out from Aug.-Dec2014. Does that make any sense?? Shouldn’t it begin and end at the same months so that people could continue to repurchase the same planner?

I don’t like the large coils or cover style too much, it seems a bit old-fashioned¬†but def. nicer than its previous¬†style. I don’t like that it does not have a band that wraps around it so that it will not open accidentally or get pages indented. I don’t think I would purchase this again unless they revamp the packaging. If anyone knows of an awesome planner/organizer please let me know!


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