Kitchen Cabinets & Organization

As I was looking through my cabinets, I realized just how pretty they are and hope to provide someone else ideas. I have a dinner set for 8 people packed away in the garage. We purchased this lovely green dinner set for four people from Walmart. We don’t have a dishwasher, so we hardly bring out the “extras” only to burden me with lack of space & dishwashing! I place smaller misc. things in the green baskets all the way on the top so they flow over the self or end it being placed somewhere they don’t belongs 🙂

In this second cabinet, I place canned goods, mostly all organic. Yet I try not to consume too many canned goods because of the aluminum leakage,bpa and other toxins leached into the food. YUCK! But how could you deny such a lovely convenience of opening a can and easily consuming it without any preparation what so ever? Sometimes I justify eating canned goods by saying “it’s better than fast food” lol.

Yet I’m only fooling myself and potentially putting my son’s health at risk consuming foods in these packages. Besides have you ever seen how much sodium they load in these cans??? It’s crazy. For refried beans had 35% sodium p/serving, times 3 per can equals = 75% daily intake of sodium. Now how much is that really when you convert it to a young child? Not to mention you still have to eat other meals in the day that contain their own sodium levels. I get sick to my stomach thinking about it. Perhaps that’s why I feel so inflated? Big belly = too much salt? Who knows, maybe there’s truth to it? But aren’t my kitchen cabinets pretty? 🙂 And yes, they always look like this in the inside, it actually takes very little effort to keep it this way once you organized it the way you want things to be. Cheers!


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