Homeschooling Update

Daily Math includes • Addition Bar Graph Calendar Capacity Coins Fractions Language Length Likelihood Number Line Odd/Even Order Pattern Real World Problems Shapes Subtraction Time Weight Whole Numbers

I haven’t posted a Homeschooling Update in quite some time. What are Earth are we doing all day? Well everyday of the week we have an activity planned that starts in the morning and ends before lunch, then nap time and then we relax/play mostly the rest of the day.

As previously posted, I  was a former teacher and Ethan learns very quickly and hardly needs anything repeated. As of this summer/fall we’re spending 10 min.’s daily for “academics”. We learn 2 min for Math, 2 min. of L.A., 2 min. phonics, 2 min. Logic, 2 min. KG-1st grade curriculum. The rest of the day is spent playing & discovering.

We also take the time each day to read various subjects including Bible studies, where we discuss/narrate what we have read/learned, a very informal but effective approach.

Hopefully we will get momentum again to reach “30” min.s of academic subjects p/day but as for now, I’m still unpacking the house and trying to get life in order with Paul being gone so often!


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Update

  1. Hi there,
    With your 10-minutes of academics each day, can you tell me which books/manuals you use in each area? My daughter is two and I’m hoping to get started on some things over the next year for homeschooling but I really don’t know where to start or which books/manuals/etc to use. There are so many out there and I am overwhelmed. Thank you so much!

    • There are many great programs, so you can not go wrong with any of them as long as you present them in a friendly/relaxed manner, your daughter will love to learn as you teach her. You can see an entire list here:

      I’ve been wanting to send Ethan off to a school that can accommodate him and teach according to his level & progression. Until then, we’ll just continue having fun, he only does “academics” 10 minutes a day & plays/discovers on his own the rest. All the best to you & your daughter as you homeschool. Hang in there, the 1st year will be hard and then it get’s easier 😉

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