Giving to a Homeless person

Ziplock sandwich bag & items costs less than $2 but can change a life forever.

You sometimes see a bum/homeless person with a sign that basically says “give me something”, I think what they are really seeking is guidance and who better to give this than our Father. Direct the lost ones back to God, help them find their way with a simple message like “God Loves You, Talk to Him”.

I created a care package, so that each time I see someone in need, I will always carry one in my car. To feed him, comfort him with kindness, remind him how special he is. My care package includes bandaids, q-tips, cotton balls, bar or nuts, floss, if I had any gum/mint, I will purchase toothbrushes/mini toothpaste (see if any Christian Dentist is willing to donate a few), notecard/pen (to encourage deep thinking/writing).

It’s hard to look past the dirty, smelly, uncared for appearance, but imagine how he must feel and how God loves him still, how that’s someone’s brother, sister, dad, mom, uncle, aunt, cousin! Make your own care package, your own message, be inspired to give again.

What better way to teach your children compassion than from experiencing it first hand? Let them be the ones to gather items & hand them out 🙂 I am looking at other things around my house to give that I no longer need, like blankets, extra pillows, towels, large t-shirts/clothes that may benefit someone in need.

You know sometimes your reluctant to give money because they might use it to buy beer or drugs, but this way you can still help them and teach your children the valuable lesson “children after Gods own heart”.


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