My Thoughts on EK

I had written this response on a parenting forum and wanted to save it to later revisit this topic.

I’ve been using Tweedlewink off/on now for 1 yr since Ethan was 2 yr.’s old. I never just show him an episode without further explaining things we learned through watching one 7 min. lesson. It usually takes us anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month to finish a lesson where he would watch the same lesson anywhere from 3-5 times at the most. I personally noticed, he shows much more interest when we cover the topics than when we don’t and truly believe he is remembering these facts for life.

As a former school teacher, I can say from observation that the children not only enjoyed lessons that were unit based and covered across curriculums/subjects, an integrated approach in learning, but they “REMEMBERED IT!!” and isn’t that what’s it’s all about anyway? Enjoying the process of learning while memorizing the objectives?

So, with EThan, we always take our time, even if we occasionally “flash”, it is later presented in further study.

In regards to the physical memory topic, I have seen first hand that your muscles/mind work together. My very talented husband can fix anything and do anything, literally, even if he was never taught before he can self-teach almost instantly. For example, run & win marathons, defend himself physically from anyone, he can be a mechanic, electrician, engineer, plumber, build up an entire house on his own, remember things I can’t, sing along to songs after listening just a few times, program computer app.’s, great chef, sew, artist, paint fantastic gallery grade art, fight and I can go on and on, and it’s mostly because when he was a child his father would always take him around the house to repair things, cook, art, run child marathons. So his brain was literally wired that way. Now, in his 30’s he never has to train for a marathon and be on the top, because his muscles are built for the endurance. His military career helped him tune into his engineering skills, he can figure things out that people wouldn’t even want to look at!

Yet because he was a twin, he only learned to talk at the age of 5! No one had ever worked with him on his speech or english skills, he still struggles to write and express himself and dislikes reading/L.A.

So teach your children young and later in life they will breeze through many things that will come at an ease to them. I’m convinced more than ever that EK, has merit to it but like Charlotte Mason teaches us to present things kindly, without force and in a loving beneficial way.


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