The Home school Curriculum

Title: Home School Curriculum (Course of Study) for Your Family

  • What sort of individuals are we raising?
  • What are we raising them for?
  • What is the purpose of education?
    These are the questions we must address.
  1. Our Family’s Educational Goal: (broad overview statement) The goal in educating our children is to raise…………This is where you write in the goals you have just been working on. It’s not that hard is it?
  2. Courses(The course you design consists of a variety of subjects that you decide are necessary for your children to know. It is not set in concrete, it is a guide and you will find that as your children grow the course will develop to accommodate their interests.)
    • History
      • Goal of teaching History -What big picture do we want our children to know?
        • Materials that may help us do that – Library books; Individual books or courses; or Pre-planned curricula that help us achieve our goals;
    • Bible
      • Goal of teaching Bible- What big picture do we want our children to know?
        • Materials that may help us do that- The Bible; Bible Dictionaries; Bible Atlas; Study Guide; Curriculum that teaches systematic study of the Bible; Catechism, Songs and Hymns..…
    • Money Management
      • Goals – What big picture do we want our children to know?
        • Methods and Materials: Budgeting, Tithing, Bible study on money, Course in Economics…


And so on…

Your Home school curriculum is not the set of books you will use or the publisher you prefer. It is the entire course you design to fulfill your goals. It is made up of all the courses you intend to teach (Bible, Math, Science, Art, Homemaking, Car Repairs..) and specific goals within those courses. The materials you select should help you to fulfill what you have planned to achieve.

Charlotte Mason Curriculum – Summary and Application
The Knowledge of God
The Knowledge of Man

  1. History
  2. Literature
  3. Morals and Economics
  4. Composition
  5. Languages
  6. Art

The Knowledge of the Universe

  1. Science
  2. Geography
  3. Maths
  4. Physical Development, Handcrafts

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