My Discipline Mistake

Reflecting back, I did a lot of talking instead of modeling. As a logical parent, I thought I could explain the reasoning behind misbehavior & have him realize that his good behavior benefits everyone, including himself.

Well, he is 2 yr.’s old, perhaps I should have demonstrated more & done less talking. It could have saved us lots of timeouts, tears, & sadly occasional spanks. In my quest for a loving & peaceful environment, I never stopped seeking a better method of implementing new behavior strategies and that’s where 1-2-3 magic came in. I modeled it a few times using his toys and it works! No further explanation needed.

I’m grateful for the new found atmosphere in our home & better relationship with my toddler. Thank you God for revealing this book to me.

I got this really neat idea posted below from
#20. When one of my children is acting disrespectful, disobedient, or defiant, I will instruct him or her to choose a chore from the Job Jar. The jobs include scrubbing the toilet, organizing the pots and pans, moving and vacuuming underneath the furniture, weeding the garden, matching up odd socks, defrosting the refrigerator, and cleaning the closet, garage, or under the bed. And those are just a few possibilities. You could add ironing, vacuuming the refrigerator coils, scrubbing the inside of small wastebaskets, polishing the silver, cleaning the window wells, brushing the animals, cleaning the fireplace, shaking the kitchen rugs, vacuuming the couch, alphabetizing the spices, and using wood cleaner on the dining room chairs. Not only does the Job Jar help to get my house clean, but it also keeps my little ones from complaining that they’re bored. They know that with the Job Jar, Mom will always have an antidote for boredom.


5 thoughts on “My Discipline Mistake

  1. How long have you been using the methods in the book?
    I’m previewing it on Amazon and it sounds good, thank you for sharing.
    (BK forum member)

    • We’ve been using it for a few weeks now and as soon as I start counting, he automatically gives his attention. It’s really effective!

      • Well, I’ve looked into what other parents say on BK and after reading the whole preview of this book I feel it is worth trying.
        Have you seen the “1-2-3 Magic for kids”? Some say it’s good to have for your kids.

  2. I have not seen it but did listen to the entire audio version and have ordered both the DvD’s so my husband could “watch” instead of required to read the entire book!

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