Potty Training In 3 Days Can Be Done

I obtained this article online many months ago and found it extremely useful in potty training my son. Your first try at potty training your child can be the most difficult part of the toddler years. For this, you need to be patient, so that you can handle your child lovingly. Hence, it is important that you choose three days around which there is no other activity happening. You ought to be stress-free and patient while teaching your kid this vital activity of his life. Learn more about potty training in 3 days successfully.

Day One:

– The day you decide to start the potty training in three days, wake up with your child.

– Let him go around without pants the whole day. Show him the diapers and tell him that he will not need them anymore. Make him feel comfortable without a diaper.

– Whenever you see signs that your child wants to pee or poop, take him to the nearest toilet. Make him feel acclaimed to sit on the potty. Show him a potty dance or gig that you have prepared so that he realizes he did a good thing.

– Initially, demonstrate for your child by going to toilet with him. Pull your pants down. Show him that you sit on a potty to go pee and poop in it. Pull your pants up and flush the toilet. Then wash your hands. He will learn more effectively by seeing.

– Accidents will happen, but do not yell at your child when he poops in pants. Just show him that you are disappointed by this. Clean the poop by taking his hands in yours so that he feels a part of it.

Day Two:

– Apart from the day one activities, take your child out of the house just after he has used potty.

– The goal is to train him to use potty when he feels the need. Therefore, do not make him wear any diaper, but carry a spare set of clothes in case of accidents.

– Tell him that without a diaper, he cannot poop unless it is in a toilet. Carry a portable potty with you for showing him that he has an option.

– Always keep it close to your house for emergency purposes. Sometimes your child may want to poop but not in the portable potty.

Day Three:

– Go out of the house immediately after your child uses potty. This time go out for a longer period, say an hour. Carry your portable potty along.

– When going to daycare, let your child wear only loose pants without a diaper. Give him a feel of training.

– Before going to bed, always make him go to potty. Tell him it is time. You can use diaper while sleeping for avoiding poop.

This routine should be continued for as long as the child needs to become a potty pro in three days. It is best learned when you have a free mind and time for your child. Hence, choose the time wisely.

1. Evaluating Your Child’s Readiness Is your child’s bladder and bowel control adequately developed? For instance, can he or she go for two or three hours before wetting their diaper?

3. Toilet Train The Doll  Silly as it may seem, you potty train the doll. The doll is a great teaching tool, it should not be seen as a toy. You will be using the doll to model correct behavior.

4. Celebrate The Doll’s Success Each time the doll correctly uses the potty it is praised and a sticker is placed on the wall chart that records the doll’s progress. And when the doll has been potty trained it gets a party. You want your toddler to realize that being potty trained is a happy, fun experience.

5. It’s Farewell to Diapers Put your toddler in pants. There’s no retreating back to diapers even if there are two or three accidents along the way.

6. Give Your Toddler Plenty Of Fluids  The more your toddler drinks the more they will need to urinate. So they should get plenty of practice in using a potty.

7. Ask Your Toddler If They Need the Potty  If they say no that’s fine. With all those drinks they’ll soon need to go. Quiz them again a little later.

If they have a little accident you must not let your child see you are angry or disappointed. Just tell them they’ll do better next time. Take them to the potty and have them sit on it for two or three minutes. Give them fresh pants to put on. At short intervals take them back to the potty for a total of ten times. This will help to build muscle memory. Very soon they will urinate in the potty.

A little food for thought. It is not just what you say, it’s how you say it. This is certainly true when it comes to teaching a toddler new skills.


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