Variety of Methods

Andrea H posted this: I use a variety of methods, here is a summary (somewhat ) of what I use as a guideline, but this is not literal:
1. Doman: heavily on the physical development and brain speed
2. Shichida: I recently studied him on line, don´t have the books yet, but I saw that I did some of the things he develops: memory linking and ESP.
3. Classical: Classic Languages, Logic, Astronomy
4. Charlotte Mason: Nature Study, Art Appreciation and Music appreciation, Narration
5. Montessori: Mathematics, Geography and Culture, Sensorial and Practical
6. Waldorf: Eurhythmy
7. Suzuki: Violin since he was 18 months
8. Multiple Intelligences
9. Religion and Spirituality: we study the teachings of the world´s major religions starting with Zoroaster.
It took me years to choose what I thought was worth of each method, and it´s hard to share in a post because I don´t know how to synthetize it, since some things overlap or are much more that they seem on paper (I mean written down), but I have to say that overall I apply an environment of radical brain development, always giving him independence and the opportunity to engage in things that are beyond his capacities, so he develops his capacities by doing.
Hope this helps.


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