I shared this info at a message board with other moms and thought I’d post it on here also. After ton’s of research I finally found these items I feel comfortable giving to my 2 yr old son. They are listed below and natural and inexpensive. I buy the majority of vitamins & vegan friendly foods from The prices are the best I’ve seen and the shipping costs $4.99 regardless of how many items you get. I even buy body/bath/house products from them since they carry natural brands which can not be found in local stores. You may even find some items offered on

This is what Ethan takes almost daily, one per day. I call it “candy” and he get’s excited to eat these:

Dr. Mercola Children’s Multi-Vitamin (1 p/day)

Dr. Mercola Children’s Krill Oil (1 given every 2-3 days)

Udo’s Choice Children’s Blend Probiotic — 4 Billion cells- (1 p/day given only if runny nose)

Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears Calcium with Vitamin D) (1 given  every 2-3 days)

This year since we switched to almost Vegan & he hardly ever gets sick.

A parent asked me if all these are really neccesary. It’s true that your overall nutrition should come from the form of whole foods that are organic but I do believe in supplementing. We turned Vegan this year and yet still def. don’t get enough organic, local veggies everyday. Some days we eat better than others and this way I know he get’s all his vitamins even if he decides he prefers not to eat enough veggies that day! I usually don’t give the full dosage the company’s brand recommends, for example his multi-vitamin says to take 2 p/day and I give him 1, knowing very well that he gets some vitamins from the food he eats. Since we don’t eat much of any dairy or meat, we need extra calcium, vit.b12 and others in our diet. It’s just my way of making sure his needs are covered.


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