5 ways to encourage your child to make friends

Heres some info fatima786  came across on encouraging kids to make friends.

1. socialise through the senses.

provide skin to skin hugs. sing your baby a love song. use his name alot and keep comfortable eye contact. as he soaks up this delightful interaction through his senses, he’ll feel valued and loved. this provides motivation to socialise with others as he grows.

2. Apply the rainbow concept.

teach your child to observe differences and point out other children’s strengths. for example “you are good at threading. your friend is good at playing ball. wouldnt it be great if you helped him learn how to thread well and he showed you how to catch a ball?”

3. play big ears.

take turns to talk and to listen with your child. let him tell you the best thing that happened to him that day, and the worst. then do the same. you can encourage him to play this with his friends as well.

4. Affirm your child.

if your child is happy to play alone as this suits his temperament, respect this. if your child is too shy to join in, support and encourage him.
lay off the pressure. understand that rejection can cripple him. teach him to smile. it makes him approachable. provide a play date with one or 2 children at home to ensure the setting is less intimidating.

5. encourage empathy.

put on hats scarves or sunglasses and practice introducing yourselves to each other with a smile. “hello, i like your red hat. my name is peter pumkin, whats yours?” teach him to offer help to shy and upset children. children who relate well to others are more easier to play with.