What does a Vegan eat?

I often find myself eating the same handful of meals every week and I’m bored!! Luckily, I purchased three vegan cook books and am still working on making a variety of meals. The simpler the recipe the better!

Let me first clarify that we are 80% vegan because we eat diary 1x a week and fish/chicken 1x-2x a month. We try our best to avoid dairy and meat products. I also like leather shoes because they are more sturdier & comfortable than synthetic materials.

I usually try to get produce from our local Farmers Market and prefer to buy organic when it’s offered.

Other items I order on Vitacost.com like gluten-free pasta, hemp or almond milk, organic rice, organic peanut or almond butter, organic cereal, organic soup & oatmeal, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  and organic/natural bath/body products.

The receipt is from a grocery store with 31 items, $72. It is a weekly receipt of items that we typically buy (not including items bought online). Total average food expense is $125 weekly, $500 monthly for two adults and one toddler.

You can click on the picture to enlarge it.


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