How I Vaccinated my Son

My personal perspective on childhood vaccinations.

I think if vaccinations were “greener”, more natural/homeopathic and less toxic then I would have fully vaccinated my son. Another concern of mine is the number of dosages, is it truly necessary for the amounts? When I was an infant in Romania, Europe I was given 5 vaccinations and barely ever got sick. Now, our american children are given 48 doses of 14 vaccines before age 6. Why is it that the longer I wait to vaccinate my baby, the less total vaccination shots he needs? That poses the question of how efficient are the vaccinations to begin with?

I don’t think enough research has been conducted on the short/long term side effects of these toxic and controversial ingredients. Just like we wouldn’t let the Gov. raise our child for us, we can’t let the Gov. decide whats best for them without truly knowing their intentions? Is it about money?? There is a lot of covering up and denial of vaccination injuries.

Knowing that the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar establishment, who are the true beneficiaries? Our children or stock owners?

After Ethan was born, I conducted research for several months  and chose which vaccinations I felt comfortable giving:

Hep B: 1 shot (because they persuaded me to give in right after he was born, which was a mistake)
DTAP: 3 shots (because of the concern of contracting whooping cough, airborne virus)
PC: 1 shot (because it’s a very common germ and may cause severe reactions if baby caught it)

MMR: 1 shot @ 18month (I went back and forth on this one…but decided that since measles is still a threat, it should be wise to get it)

At 12 months old, only had 2 runny noses and 1 fever. Very healthy and bright boy. At 13 months old I took him to Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and it was WAAY too crowded there. Poor Ethan contracted the Chicken Pox there. It lasted about a month and he has 3 little scars left as a reminder. I remember having chicken pox at 9 years old, I just wish he didn’t get it so early. I was waiting to give him that vaccination before preschool. Atleast now he has life time immunity. Now at 22 months, he’s had some more runny noises and a cough since then. I often remember a few studys I’ve read that featured Amish communitys who never vaccinate their children and they are healthier and don’t contract the many diseases that we currently vaccinate for.
I found Dr. Sear’s Vaccinations book EXTREMELY helpful in making my decision.

Just build his immunity up naturally, so that if he does contract something, the body will be better equipped fighting it off.

Here are some links that helped me:

Hope this helps!