Your Baby Can Read

My first impression of  “Your Baby Can Read” was not good. I thought it was poorly made and disliked how they taught a few words. My husband claims he could do a better production but he is not Dr. Titzer and we don’t have all the means necessary to create a whole series like this!

Needless to say, I stuck with the program but did not follow their reccommended viewing schedule. According to many articles and Bright from the Start: The Simple, Science-Backed Way to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mindfrom Birth to Age 3 it’s best to limit or not even expose your infant to television. From 4 1/2 months of age, I allowed Ethan to watch “Your Baby Can Read” starter program for 2+ months. In the beginning he watched it once every few days, then every other day, and then by 6 months of age he began to watch it everyday. The watching routine was the same everyday, right after dinner and before we gave him a bath.

I made my own homemade flashcards out of cardstock paper. I flash about 10-15 cards for maybe 1 min. a day, once a day. I randomly rotate the cards with others. Not really follow a “system” or schedule. My homemade cards are double-sided, 3 words per page. I cant remember the font? Maybe size 44? It depends because the smaller the word, the larger the font size, the longer the word the smaller the font size. Ethan likes the  “Your Baby Can Read” slide out cards too. They are more durable, so I let him handle them whenever he wants to, unlike my homemade ones can rip easily.

In addition to the YBCR DVD’s, PowerPoint works really well. I let him watch a few slides on shapes, colors, animals for a few minutes a day. 

Please don’t test him, from what I recall reading it’s better not to test them, just assume that he knows it! My husband got so excited seeing Ethan demonstrate his knowledge that he kept “testing” him so much that Ethan stopped doing it because he got bored. I made my husband stop and once in awhile…just for fun we would play with him while he demonstrates his knowledge. He almost turning 1 years old and repeats/identifies actual words/things. He’s WAY smarter than I could have imagined. Just remember to make it fun, BTW it should be fun for both of you! If it’s exciting for you, it’s exciting for him and vice-verse.

If your baby doesn’t demonstrate his knowledge he may be to young, Ethan didn’t show anything until 9+ months old. That’s when I realized that this program works! I purchased my 5 DVD kit a year ago from Amazon for $50 before they had all those infomercials and now have a whole bundle set that they sell. If your low on money, I would recommend just purchasing the Review DVD only. It reviews all the words from the 4 previous DVD’s. You may find some good deals on Ebay.