What a surprise! I didn’t even know that I was pregnant until 10 weeks later. My hubby urged me to take a test…just in case. Three tests later and a Dr. confirmation, we were thrilled! From that moment I started eating for three and taking Prenatal vitamins/minerals with Omegas.

The pregnancy was amazing but the delivery was pure torture. No One could prepare you for this. I watched videos and read many books, articles, and websites on this topic but each delivery is unique. Some may have easier deliveries but mine was 5 days long. It had taken 3 months to somewhat recover physically not to mention that depression starting to sink in. I’m still trying to recover today!

When I was pregnant I:

-Slept average of 10+ hours per day

-Ate and drank ton of water/tea from the moment I got up to the moment I went to sleep

-Relaxed as much as possible by doing things I enjoyed

-I was a 6th Grade Teacher in the beg. of pregnancy and was laid off shortly after my pregnancy news. So I stayed off my feet and I never had swollen ankles, only the last days of pregnancy.

-Never was nauseas or had other common symptoms of pregnancy. Only thing different about me was my belly and appetite!

Please take care of yourself and your little one. This is a great site for pregnancy and beyond! and site for parents about top topics facing new parents about baby. Thanks for reading!